Thursday, June 21, 2012

B1A4 at Ceci Magazine [pics]


Leeteuk twitter update

[120621] Leeteuk Twitter Update

아주 그냥 멋있네~^^..역시 왜이렇게 멋있지 은혁이가!!...생각해봤는데...눈을 가렸구나!!!맞아 넌 눈을 가려야해~^^ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Trans: It was so charming..!! Why EunHyukgi so delicious!!I am thinking...His eyes!!Yeah, you've got to get my eyes ~^^k k k k

Translation: LollipopStar95

YeSung Twitter update

[120606] Yesung Twitter Update 짜잔~~^^ 오늘은보라돌이^^

Trans: voila~~^^ I'm a Boradori today^^

Credit : @shfly3424
Translated by : @Yesung_Cloud

YeSung Twitter update

[120621] Yesung Twitter Update

저렇게 알람이울리는데도 불편한자세로 일어나지못하는내동생 .. 오늘은꼭일찍자렴 ..

Trans: My dongsaeng who is in a uncomfortable position and couldn't get up even if the alarm went off like that .. (you) have to sleep earlier today ..

Credit : @shfly3424
Trans: Google, LollipopStar95

DongHAe Twitter update

[120621] Donghae Twitter Update

Thank u ^^ 아리가또 고자이마스 !! Xie xie ! 콥큰캅 !! 감사합니다 ㅎ

Trans: Thank u(in eng) ^^ Thank you (in jap) !! Xie xie(in chinese) ! Thank you(in thai) !! Thank you(in korean) ㅎ

Credit : @donghae861015
Translated by : @teukables

DongHAe Twitter update

‎[120621] Donghae Twitter Update

동해 서포터즈 ^^ 감사합니다 !!스텝분들이 너무 잘먹었다구 전해달래요 ^^ ㅎㅎ 든든합니다 ^^

Trans: Donghae supporters ^^ thank you !!The staffs wanted me to convey that they really ate well ^^ ㅎㅎ reassured ^^

Credit : @donghae861015
Translated by : @teukables

Super Junior filming 6th Album mv


The King of Global Korean-Wave ‘Super Junior’ will Make a Comeback!

Super Junior, the leader of global Korean-wave, will make a comeback in July.

All tracks of Super Junior’s 6th album ‘Sexy, Free & Single(섹시,프리&싱글)’ will be released on July 1st at 00:00 a.m. through various music websites including MelOn, Genie, Naver Music, etc.

Especially, Kangin, who finished his military service in April, will also join Super Junior and Super Junior's more varied music and stronger performances are expected to cause a sensation in the music industry.

Last year, Super Junior swept various music charts in Korea and overseas with their 5th album ‘Mr.Simple’ and won the grand prize at the end-of-year music awards such as ‘The Golden Disk Awards’ and ‘Seoul Music Awards.’ They became a half-million selling artist with the album sales of over 500,000 copies.

Also, Super Junior successfully completed their world tour ‘SUPER SHOW4’ in 10 cities worldwide including Seoul, Osaka, Taipei, Singapore, Macao, Bangkok, Paris, Shanghai, Jakarta and Tokyo for 6 months starting in November. Combined with their three Asia tours, ‘SUPER SHOW 4,’ Super Junior’s concert brand, gathered a total of 900,000 audiences.

Moreover, starting with Eunhyuk’s image, Super Junior will sequentially release teaser images of each member.

Meanwhile, Super Junior’s 6th album ‘Sexy, Free & Single’ will also be available in stores form July 4th.

Source: SUper Junior Official Facebook
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