Sunday, June 12, 2011



Korean new group, B1A4 (Be the one, all for one) with their new album, Let's fly are now released. This album came with the song "OK" that are truly cute.

FT Island- Hello Hello

FT Island released their new album, the 3rd Mini Album with these "Hello Hello" song.
This song is good.. Like! HongKi has a husky voice.. This make it more touching...


Woahh... i Like this song.. good job CNBLUE^^

They're so naughty...


Ahh~ Now, I'm insomnia because of you....

Never thought that I fall in Love with him....(hehehe)
I'm a little bit jealous with that girl...OMG...

Kang Min Hyuk- CNBLUE

Hahaha... MinHyuk is my BiaseD in CNBLUE^^


SarangHabniDa Key OpPa^^

Kim RyeoWook-Super Junior

He is the first guy that I Love^^ I don't know why I Like him so much! He is my only first love..
My First! You're my first, first!

Orange Lollipop